Figures matter



F&BI is a financial advisory services firm

We work with

Accountancy & Financial Management Professionals

Methods we use

Mathematical & Statistical Analysis

Financial Analysis & Financial Modeling

Financial Statements Analyzed

Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statement

Cash Flow Statement & Statement of Changes in Equity

What we analyze

Assets, Liabilities, Capital

Financial structure, dynamics, correlation, covariance and deviation

A business historical, current and future financial health

What we measure

Key Performance Ratios & Metrics

What we identify with ratios and metrics

We take a company’s historical and current financial performances and create actionable insights for a company’s management to make in order to reach their future growth goals

How we help

Create plain language actionable insights that show what lies within numbers of a company’s financial statements

Financial accuracy by detecting errors, mistakes and fraud



Sageworks is a financial information company providing Financial Analysis Software with Artificial Intelligence

Sageworks is an innovative and world-class technology that allows for the rapid analysis, interpretation, and aggregation of financial data

We use artificial intelligence to generate nearly all of our reports and analytics


Nearly all of Sageworks’ technologies are built on FIND, a patented technology that converts financial numbers into narrative text

Sageworks’ data is used by the researches from NY University and Harvard Business School


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